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"No more fussing with lights! My wife is happy & I'm off the roof."


"No more fussing with lights! My wife is happy & I'm off the roof."

Permanent Holiday Lights

Permanent lights means more family memories all year

Never worry about installing lights again these are maintenance free

Worth the investment for permanent lights you'll love

Still hanging lights & taking them down 1 month later?

Imagine skipping the yearly tradition of tangled Christmas lights, balancing on ladders, & replacing burnt out bulbs. 

But, how do you make sure your Christmas lights are hung with care every year?

With EverLights™ you won't have to. 

Let our pros install your permanent lights in a day, then enjoy your lights year round for any occasion.

"They look fantastic, hardly even noticeable during the day, and wow do they pop at night, with a clean, distinct look."

You'll see the neighbors drive by twice

Glowing reviews

Here's why everyone is switching to EverLights™
 No burnt out lights
Everlights have a life of over 50,000 hours
 No Ladders
No more slippery ladders & sketchy rooftops
 No Forgetting 
Schedule lights automatically on your phone

Imagine your new home with EverLights™

Invisible during the day, brilliant shine at night

customize your perfect look
Bright white
the Brightest on the Block
So Many Reasons to Get EverLights™
Easiest app ever
The easiest app on the market. Schedule it once & pick from our library of presets, all from the convenience of your phone. 
Fast install
Our techs will have you up & running in a day. No 3rd party installers, just our local in-house pros.
Don't worry about storms, rain, freezing, high heat or the elements with our innovative waterproof lights & connectors. 
Cloud based
Connect to your lights from anywhere at anytime. We've invested in faster tech which means one less device you have to wait on.
No more ladders 
These one and done permanent lights means no more climbing ladders.
Year round use
Birthdays, welcome home celebration, parties, game day, and more.  Make every day special.
Patented design
Our one of a kind lighting system is the best on the market.
UV protected
Your lights and wiring are protected against UV damage or yellowing.
Meet EverLights™
My name is Ross, and I started EverLights in 2014 to make a product that put an end to the worst part of the holidays: hanging Christmas Lights. I began testing various LED technologies on the market, but in a new and innovative design for use on the exterior of the home. They had to be discreet, bright, easy to use, & controlled via a smart phone. After a year of development EverLights launched in 2015 with all of that accomplished, and now share it with you.
Make it yours
Pick from our preset patterns or design the exact colors you want for any occasion (you can control every light individually). Add a bit of Christmas cheer, set a spooky mood for Halloween, show your patriotic colors on the 4th of July and every celebration in-between. No matter what shape or size, EverLights can be installed on virtually any home. 
Patented Tech
Our patented design is lightyears ahead of the competition. This sleek design means flawless performance with a product built to last.  EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design one-of-a-kind sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time.
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How much do EverLights™ cost?
All home comes in different sizes. Our scheduling team can provide you starting costs for your area depending on the linear footage of your roofline and the complexity of the install. Fill out the short form below for a free quote.
Can I use EverLights™ year round?
Absolutely! We have customers using our lights for birthdays, family gatherings, game nights, welcome home, and parties of all kinds.  With our endless color options you can make any event special
How long do EverLights™ last?
EverLights are rated for 50k hours of lighting! Which is equivalent to leaving them on for 24/7 - seven years straight
What is EverLights™ warranty policy?
Color changing EverLights come with a one year product warranty. If installed by EverLights, the product warranty jumps to 5 years and includes a 1 year labor warranty. For EverLights Classic, the warranty on the lights is 15 years regardless of who installs.
How many colors can EverLights™ do at a time?
EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design custom sequences, the color wheel has over 15 million colors to choose from! You can create as many patterns as you like! We also have many preset patterns that you can select from.. In many cases this will allow the user to tell each individual light on the house what to do. 
Can I set timers & events?
Yes! You can easily create calendar events in our EverLights app.
Can I control the front of my home separately from the back?
Yes! In order to control the front and the back separately, you will need to install two separate wireless receivers, creating two zones.
Can I do warm / soft white?
Yes! You can create almost any color using the color wheel. You can color match the warmth of your existing exterior lighting.
Are EverLights™ dimmable?
Yes! There is a dimming switch on the app.
Where is EverLights™ located?
Our HQ is based out of Lindon, UT and we have locations in Phoenix, AZ, Dallas, TX, Southern California, St George, UT and Las Vegas, NV. We also have third-party dealers and distributors nationwide to help serve you!
Where are the controller & power supplies installed?
Our network bridge plugs directly into an Ethernet port on your router. Power supplies are installed along the eaves at every 75ft of lights
There is a small network bridge that plugs directly into an Ethernet port on your router. A small wireless receiver will be placed either in the garage or on the side of the garage to power and control your lights. You may need additional power boosters installed as well.
How can I replace parts?
EverLights can be cut and customized at any point as long as the power is unplugged. Lights and accessories can be found in our online shop. View or troubleshooting guide and installation instructions for step by step instructions on all system components.

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If installed by EverLights, the product warranty is 5 years and includes a 1 year labor warranty. EverLights Classic, warranty is 15 years regardless of who installs.
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